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Are your shoes the right fit?

Shoe sizes in Canada are not standardized across the nation, so the best way to determine if your shoe fits properly is to remove the insole and step on it. Ensure that there is one thumb width from your longest toe to the edge of the insole. If the shoes are uncomfortable from the first time you try them on, chances are they will remain uncomfortable, even if you try to “break them in”.

When trying on shoes:
• End of the day is best representative of your shoe size
• Bring the type of sock you will wear with them
• Bring your custom orthotics with you
• Walk around the store for a few minutes
• Try on both shoes at the same time

Some key feature to look for in a running shoe:
• Rubber sole for traction
• Moderately firm midsole for support and cushion
• Heel should be firm with an “Achilles Notch” in the back
• Removable insole if you need to allow space for custom
• Shoe should withstand a twisting motion, like wringing out a

Some key features to avoid:
• Slip on shoes
• Shoes that do not have a proper heel such as clogs
• Flimsy shoes that easily twist
• Inserts made of gel or air as they can displace over time,
altering the support
• Irremovable insoles

Shoes differ depending on the activity intended for use and the type of foot sitting in them. If you are unsure of the fit or proper lacing of a shoe for sport or to alleviate any foot pain, please check in with a Chiropodist.

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