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LETTER: Let's not get burned by Ford's Ring of Fire response

Greed, ignorance of nature on display in premier's push to build yet another highway

PelhamToday received the following letter to the editor from reader Faye Suthons.

I had not paid particular attention to the Ring of Fire scenario, location or holding any in depth knowledge until Global TV's The New Reality half-hour documentary aired on Saturday, March 4 and now can be viewed online.

People, it is certainly worthy of viewing.

Once again our man of environmental destruction Premier Doug Ford is featured and once again being himself – champing to get the bulldozers fired up and ready to build yet another highway.

One female scientist refers to the Ring of Fire as Canada's secret weapon against climate change and calls it Canada's Amazon Forest.

It brings out the same concepts prevalent today everywhere, like greed, ignorance of nature and what nature already contributes for free in the fight against global warming and the aforementioned concrete lover Doug Ford.

As a Canadian, view it to see what we could lose in the wrong politicians' hands.

Faye Suthons