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LETTER: Progress at old arena site

'The foxes have moved on'

PelhamToday received the following letter from a reader regarding development at the former Pelham Arena site:

The once promising Emerald Trails on site of the old Haist arena has finally seen constructive clean up. The foxes have moved on as the chopped down tree canopy has been removed.

It appears Centennial Homes has now taken ownership. Hopefully building of new homes will begin sooner rather than later.

The public still awaits the design plans which were promised years ago. With the density of townhomes on this land spilling onto Haist, it also begs the question of flow into the subdivision. Parking was considered to be tight. Concern was raised for parking allocated to the platform tennis courts.

Residents surrounding Emerald Trails await new development information from Centennial and the Town of Pelham.

Louise Morgan