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LETTER: Names matter


PelhamToday received the following letter from a reader regarding the name of a public school in Fenwick:

When I drive down Canboro Road in Fenwick and see the Wellington Heights Public School sign, I am disappointed once again. Why are we still celebrating this man and our colonial past? This school is built on an “Indian Trail” and we all know too well how our First Nation peoples were treated by colonial Britain.

We tried, as a community, to have the DSBN not change the name from E.W. Farr Memorial School. This did not come to pass. Jully Black so aptly sang “our home ON native land” at the NBA All Star game in Salt Lake City. Isn’t it time the DSBN stopped ignoring the historical facts and do the right thing by removing this name with all the connotations of the injustices imposed on our Indigenous people? It’s up to the present students and parents to ask for a review of this name. Let’s see if something can be done. Names Matter. Does anyone care?

Vilma Moretti