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Adopt Me: Pee Wee will show you her playful side

Pee Wee will need a fenced yard with no kids, no other dogs and no cats.

Every week, PelhamToday features adoptable pets via the Humane Society of Greater Niagara. For any inquiries about these adoptable friends, reach out to HSGN directly.

Pee Wee
Female Lab mix - two years old

Pee Wee is a nervous Nelly at first, but once she trusts you, she'll show you her playful side. The awesome volunteers at the shelter have been working with her on her socialization and meeting new people. Pee Wee is a very willing and engaged dog who is eager to please. Treats go a long way with this sweetie. Training will be a must for her. She has no leash manners and will pull very strongly and could get overwhelmed in the outside world. Her new adopters need to be experienced and not shy away from the fact that she needs training to keep herself and others safe. This will take time and patience, so she needs you to have realistic expectations. Pee Wee is very territorial. No worries of break-ins when this girl is around! She'll defend her home from intruders. Because of this, her home will need minimal guests and when people come over, introductions will be done outside (preferably on a walk to build trust). Since she's so wary of strangers, caution must be taken. She will need slow and steady introductions. With a savvy and committed adopter, this girl will thrive. Pee Wee will need a fenced yard, no kids, no other dogs and no cats.