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LETTER: Grass needs to be cut for visibility on our roads

Warm, wet weather has grass growing tall, creating blind spots, reader says
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PelhamToday received the following letter to the editor from reader Louise Morgan:

Because of rain and consistent warmth of the sun, both no doubt, the grass is growing quickly!

The grass is growing everywhere, next to ditches, in swales, along roadsides and, yes, in my garden beds.

However, what concerns me is the grass growing three feet tall along the roads that are navigated daily and which because of the grass height creates blind spots. Often there are hills involved and no stop signs.

The Town of Pelham should take responsibility for keeping Pelham taxpayers safe, be they cyclists, runners, pedestrians or vehicle occupants, as part of its beautification program. 

Louise Morgan 

EDITOR'S NOTE: The Town's seasonal grass cutting program began this week, with one of two cuts per year.