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LETTER: It doesn't seem like Ford is 'building Ontario'

'The opposite becomes more apparent under his poor leadership daily'

PelhamToday received the following letter about Premier Doug Ford.

Premier Doug Ford stands behind his familiar sign Building Ontario. The opposite becomes more apparent under his poor leadership daily.

Canadian healthcare is limping badly just listen to the televised messages of over worked nurses. Visit crowded emergency rooms where thin stretched staff desperately try to help the never ending influx of sick.

Concrete paving over of rich farmland, wetlands, Ford planning to build unnecessary highways.

But when it comes to booze drinking Ford is your man. Top priority in his small mind remembering a Buck a Beer and now from top recycling of beer bottles, hardworking family employees of the Beer Store with their good paying unionized jobs at stake as Ford decided.

Replacing the Beer Store with a steady flow of booze to ‘more convenient’ his words, locations.

Thank God for the NDP and Green Party Ford watchers. Keeping the public aware of the endless serious scams of an undemocratic Ford destroying Ontario at an alarming rate.

Faye Suthons