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LETTER : Urges Oosterhoff to rethink Greenbelt stance

'Please start to educate yourself on the environment and the role it plays'

PelhamToday received the following letter to the editor from a reader regarding MPP Sam Oosterhoff’s support of building in the Greenbelt:

MPP Oosterhoff, I read in the news that you will meet with protesters, but only one or two. How truly sad. Instead of helping taxpayers and understanding the sheer importance of the Greenbelt legacy, you continue to spout that the devastation of farmland, wetlands, forests, etc., must happen because we are in a housing crisis and migrants are coming.

It has been said over and over there is enough land elsewhere for housing. Secondly, there are some areas that could be cleaned up with newly built appropriate low incoming houses, but oh, no, not you Conservatives. Be like a kid in the candy store and just grab, grab, with no thought of the outcome.

Niagara Region is in a crisis with addictions and mental health but let us not clean that up. Instead bring poor unsuspecting migrants in.

You are not listening to the majority of the public that simply does not want you in the Greenbelt but wants to preserve it for future generations. You do not see the stress you cause people who have to protest in the cold and have to disrupt their lives and turn their schedules around just to protest the likes of a politician like yourself elected by the people.

Please start to educate yourself on the environment and the role it plays. Do the right thing like your leader Premier Doug Ford originally promised, before he lied outright, and leave the Greenbelt alone.

Faye Suthons