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PELHAM TOWN COUNCIL: MCC power back, culvert replacements pricier than budgeted

Plus grant received for new parkette
Pelham Town Hall.


Council Highlights for May 1, 2024

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The Town of Pelham regular council meeting was held on Wednesday, May 1, 2024, at 9:00 a.m. in the Council Chambers at the Pelham municipal building at 20 Pelham Town Hall. Video recording and live stream of the meeting can be viewed at

Wellspring Way Parkette Installation

Council received Report #2024-0105 Wellspring Way Parkette Installation for information. Pelham Garden Club reached out to organize a planting of Cherry Birch Trees (Betula lenta) on Town property with a grant received through the Ontario Horticulture Association. The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources has designated the cherry birch tree a species at risk and only finds it growing wild in the Niagara Region, near St. Catharines. A location identified along Wellspring Way between the Wellspring Niagara Building and a Storm Water Management Pond (SWMP), opposite the Meridian Community Centre (MCC) driveway entrance. To create the parkette, 10 Cherry Birch trees were purchased from a local nursery that specializes in native and endangered species and planted in the parkette and nearby stormwater management pond. Benches were added to the parkette area and included a rainbow pride bench and an orange truth and reconciliation bench. An interpretive sign with educational information about native species and the Cherry Birch Tree will be installed.

Canboro Road Future Connections

Council received Report #2024-0100 Update on Possible Pedestrian Connection Between Fonthill and Fenwick, for information.  To investigate the possibility of a pedestrian connection, a feasibility study is required to identify and evaluate potential corridor options and design/constructability. The process to prepare the high-level briefing as the first step to prepare for a feasibility study is underway, and a further report, expected in Q3 of 2024,  will outline the work required to move forward with the proposed project and the financial considerations associated, including a request for funding to complete a full feasibility study.

Surety Bonds for Development Projects

Council received Report # 2024-0106 – Potential Use of Surety Bonds in Lieu of Letters of Credit as Security for Development Projects, for information. Council directed staff to prepare a Surety Bond Policy to establish criteria and requirements for acceptable surety bonds. In the context of development projects, surety bonds are three-party agreements between a municipality, a developer and a surety that issues the bond. The surety is obligated to answer to the municipality for a default of the developer.

Meridian Community Centre Transformer Failure

Council received Report # 2024-0102 Meridian Community Centre Transformer Failure for information and approved funding any uninsured portions of the MCC transformer costs from the Meridian Community Centre Reserve. On April 4th, the 2000kVa transformer failed due to a fire and the Meridian Community Centre (MCC) lost power to the entire facility. The investigation into the cause of the fire is ongoing. Town staff worked closely with Hydro One, Sid Grabell Contracting, and the Town’s insurers to have the original transformer removed and the new transformer installed on April 26, 2024. The Town’s insurance is expected to cover the estimated $385,000 costs associated with the installation of the new 1000kVA transformer. The Meridian Community Centre, as of April 26, 2024, is fully connected to the new transformer.

Culvert Replacement Program Budget Exceedance

Council received Report #2024-0098 Culvert Replacement Program Budget Exceedance, for information and approved the award of the Balfour Street Culvert Replacement in the amount of $99,875.00 plus applicable taxes and council approved a budget increase of $57,089.99 for project RD 03-24. Within Pelham, two culverts were identified as in need of replacement in 2024 within the Culvert Replacement Program after showing signs of failure. The locations included one culvert at Centre Street North that suffered a failure in January resulting in emergency repair performed by CRL Campbell Construction & Drainage LTD. On March 12th, 2024, staff initiated the public tendering process for the second culvert at the Balfour Street location. All six bids for Balfour Street exceed the approved 2024 capital budget amount resulting in the request for a budget increase of $57,089.99.

Public Art Policy

Council received Memo 2024-0097 titled Proposed Public Art Policy and approved the Public Art Policy, S100-16. The purpose of the policy is to establish a consistent and transparent process for the selection, acquisition, installation, maintenance, and removal of public art by The Corporation of the Town of Pelham. The Pelham Cultural Advisory Committee (PCAC) reviewed and discussed the draft policy and contributed valuable insight, particularly emphasizing the importance of inclusivity and acknowledgement of diverse art forms. The Committee also offered clarity on defining terms, such as Graffiti and Public Art, and worked to bring the Policy into greater alignment with the 2016 Public Art Masterplan. On April 17, 2024, the Committee formally endorsed the Public Art Policy. The Town of Pelham recognizes that public art is an asset that enhances the quality of life for residents, fosters community pride, improves the aesthetic of public spaces and contributes to the Town’s cultural landscape. Through its investments in public art, the Town will continue to celebrate culture and heritage, reflect on diversity, express the shared values of the community, and define its unique identity.

Pelham Culture Advisory Committee – Arches Beautification

Council received a memo from the Pelham Culture Advisory Committee to request Council approval for the creation of a staff report on beautification options for the arch bases at Pelham Town Square. The Pelham Culture Advisory Committee expressed an interest in enhancing the visual appearance of the concrete bases as an opportunity for an area to showcase public art. Staff are requested to explore the feasibility and execution of this initiative.