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Region approves budget increases for water, wastewater services

Approved water and wastewater budgets are effective Jan. 1
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At its meeting held Thursday, Nov. 16, Niagara Region Budget Review Committee of the Whole approved operating budget increases for water and wastewater services for 2024.

A budget increase of 7.95 per cent for water and wastewater services addresses inflationary pressures, the impact of higher costs for the equipment and materials that keep drinking water safe, and capital renewal needs.

The approved water and wastewater budgets are effective Jan. 1 of each year and billed to the local area municipalities based on water and wastewater usage. As the wholesaler of water and wastewater services in Niagara, the Region will bill the local municipalities, which will, in-turn, incorporate the new rates into resident water bills. 

At $2 per household per day, the Region’s share of water and wastewater total costs remain relatively at par or lower compared to similar-sized municipalities in Ontario.

Niagara Region has adopted asset management and financial sustainability plans that identify the need to maintain and upgrade current infrastructure as well as build new infrastructure to meet demand over the next several decades.

For 2024, the strategy for water and wastewater funding includes a 7.95 per cent increase over 2023, providing an additional $11.4 million, of which $5.9 million is put toward renewal needs identified in the Region’s $5 billion asset management plan.

As Niagara grows, the regional municipality continues to make strategic investments in support of economic and residential needs now and into the future.

Over the coming weeks, Council members will discuss the levy-operating budget, which provides funding for the daily business of the Niagara Region, its boards, and agencies, and pays for investments that support economic prosperity, quality of life and our natural environment.

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