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Crossley rows to gold

Pelham athletes dominate in racing at Welland and Philadelphia
South Niagara Invitational Regatta gold, silver, and bronze medals.

The South Niagara Rowing Club hosted its annual two-day High School Invitational Regatta on the South Course of the Welland International Flatwater Centre  last weekend. E.L. Crossley Secondary School from Pelham continued its pattern of dominance, earning 24 medals, including 14 gold, four silver, and five bronze.

The weather was rainy, cool, and overcast on the Saturday, but evolved to sunny skies on the Sunday. The last race of the regatta, a mixed quad, was the closest race of the weekend, with Peteborough nipping Welland Centennial HS at the finish line by 0.12 seconds.

The first HSI Regatta was held in 1978, and has run every year since on the Victoria Day weekend in May, except when cancelled due to the pandemic in 2021. 413 crews from 39 schools and clubs were entered in the regatta.

It was also the weekend for the Stotesbury Cup Regatta, held annually on the Schuykill River in Philadelphia. This regatta serves as the U.S. high school championships, and features crews primarily from the American Northeast and Canada. Crossley took home three golds at this regatta.

The culmination of the spring rowing season for high school athletes is the Canadian Secondary Schools Rowing Association Regatta, set to run June 2 to 4 in St. Catharines, on the world-famous Canadian Henley Course.

Following are the finishes for Pelham crews at the South Niagara Invitational Regatta.

Senior women’s pair: 1. Notre Dame (Stella Bittman, Malarie Jones), 7:58; 4. E.L. Crossley.

Senior men’s coxed four: 3. Crossley.

Junior women’s 59-kilogram coxed quad: 2. Crossley.

Junior men’s singles: 3. Notre Dame, 4. Welland Centennial.

Novice women’s 63-kg coxed quad: 3. Crossley.

Senior men’s pair: 1. Crossley (Hudson Stortz, Mike Giguere), 7:48; 3. Notre Dame.

Junior men’s 72.5-kg coxed four: 1. Crossley (Elliott Barton, Grant Letford, William Looby, Clayton Stevens, coxswain Avery Coles), 7:48.

Senior women’s quad: 6. Notre Dame.

Novice men’s 72-kg coxed quad: 1. Crossley (Braeden Miltenburg, Aaron Jackson, Gavin Lewis, Dylan Pietracupa, coxswain Shane Irvine), 7:46; 4. Crossley, 5. Notre Dame.

Junior women’s 63-kg coxed four: 4. Crossley.

Junior men’s double: 2. Crossley.

Senior men’s 72.5-kg single: 3. Crossley, 4. Crossley, 6. Notre Dame.

Junior women’s double: 5. Crossley.

Senior women’s coxed four: 2. Crossley.

Junior women’s eight: 6. Crossley.

Junior men’s eight: 4. Crossley.

Senior women’s 63-kg double: 1. Crossley (Emmerson Darling, Juliette Freure), 8:03; 4. Notre Dame.

Senior men’s 72.5-kg double: 1. Crossley (James Cuff, Liam Shapland), 7:20

Junior women’s coxed quad: 1. Crossley (Sarah Graham, Natalie Heaslip, Katharine Irvine, Kaitlyn Furtney, coxswain Audrey Hart), 7:54; 5. Crossley.

Senior women’s single: 1. South Niagara (Julia Teixeria), 7:59; 2. South Niagara.

Senior men’s single: 1. Crossley (Alessio Perco), 7:16; 6. Notre Dame.

Junior men’s coxed four: 1. Crossley (Lucas Riddle, Noah Paquin, Dane Lancaster, Aaron Jackson, coxswain Audrey Hart), 7:02.

Senior men’s 72.5-kg coxed four: 1. Crossley (Mason Kirton, Liam Shapland, James Cuff, Andy Nawrocki, coxswain Dario Cirello), 6:43; 3. Crossley.

Novice men’s coxed four: 1. Crossley (Grant Letford, William Looby, Dylan Petracupa, Hunter Guillemette, coxswain Bowden Kennedy), 7:10.

Senior women’s double: 1. South Niagara (Clara Van Dyk, Julia Teixeria), 7:24; 3. Crossley, 5. Crossley.

Senior men’s double: 2. Crossley, 6. Notre Dame.

Novice women’s coxed quad: 1. Crossley (Katherine Irwin, Fleur Goedhart, Eowyn Bell-Bockus, Samantha Wimbush, coxswain Shane Irvine), 8:16.

Junior men’s 72.5-kg eight: 4. Crossley.

Junior men’s coxed quad: 1. Crossley (Aaron Jackson, Dane Lancaster, Noah Paquin, Lucas Riddle, coxswain Audrey Hart), 7:06; 6. Crossley.

Senior women’s eight: 1. Crossley (Emmerson Darling, Sarah Stacey, Emma Goedhart, Juliette Freure, Sarah Graham, Claire Leavens, Samantha Wimbush, Kaylea Bray, coxswain Shane Irvine), 6:59.

Senior men’s eight: 1. Crossley (Preston Darling, Aidan Smouter, Mason Kirton, Liam Shapland, Hudson Stortz, Alessio Perco, James Cuff, Andy Nawrocki, coxswain Dylan Mayes), 6:14.

Mixed double: 5. Notre Dame.

These three Crossley crews rowed to gold medals at Stotesbury.

Boys lightweight coxed four: 1. E.L. Crossley (Lucas Riddle, Liam Shapland, James Cuff, coxswain Dario Cirello), 5:00.

Junior girls quad: 1. Crossley (Sarah Stacey, Emma Goedhart, Emmerson Darling, Juliette Freure), 5:14.

Senior boys single 1. Crossley (Alessio Perco), 5:27.


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