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Brewing community spirit: the Font Coffee Bar transforms connections in Pelham

In Niagara's evolving landscape, a mother-daughter duo revives the essence of community through coffee, conversation, and a commitment to inclusivity.

In the heart of Niagara's evolving landscape, where the small rural township of Pelham is rapidly blossoming into a vibrant city, a unique coffee shop is rekindling the spirit of community that once defined this area.

The Font Coffee Bar, a dream realized by the mother-daughter duo Katie Galvin and her mother, Tammy Martin, stands as a testament to their dedication to bringing people together in an increasingly disconnected world.

"Culturally, where we're at right now, there aren't really a lot of places where people find a sense of community anymore,” Galvin said. We felt like a coffee shop was a good way to bridge that gap, bring all those people together in one space to find a sense of community, and direct them to community-focused groups in the area.”

For generations, Galvin’s family has witnessed the transformation of Pelham and its surroundings from a close-knit community to a bustling urban area filled with strangers. This profound change sparked Galvin and Martin's desire to recreate a space where the sense of belonging and community could flourish once again. Their solution? The Font Coffee Bar — a welcoming oasis nestled in the hollowed hills of Pelham, directly across from Boggio's Pharmacy.

The Font isn't just any coffee shop; it's a vision brought to life, designed to serve as a “third space” outside of home and work where people can connect, share, and grow together. 

The shop attracts a diverse clientele, from remote workers to young families seeking a kid-friendly atmosphere to elderly individuals looking for a place to gather with friends. The Font takes pride in being accessible to everyone, boasting features like a baby-changing station and wheelchair-accessible doors, ensuring a welcoming environment for all visitors.

The core of The Font's philosophy is the belief in the power of relationships built over a simple cup of coffee. Galvin emphasizes the importance of getting to know your baristas and fellow patrons, turning the coffee shop experience into an opportunity for genuine connection rather than a quick transaction.

"We have a lot of young moms who come to the shop, and we welcome them, especially because we know they're trying to find that sense of community outside of their new journey of being a mom full-time. It's just a perfect place to connect with friends and family when they're visiting from out of town, or you're just trying to collaborate with people."

The Font's decor and menu are carefully curated to reflect its community-centric ethos. The interior features a striking black-and-white mural depicting the faces of different people, symbolizing the inclusivity and diversity of the community The Font aims to build. 

The menu offers a variety of coffee drinks, including specialty lattes like the popular maple latte inspired by the local Comfort Maple, as well as seasonal offerings that invite customers to explore new flavours together.

Unique to The Font is the concept of 'booking a flight,' a tasting experience that allows customers to explore different specialty lattes or learn about espresso drinks.

Flights are available through advance booking online. Walk-ins are not encouraged due to the preparation and staffing required for these specialized orders.

The coffee flights can be tailored to accommodate decaf preferences or dairy-free options, ensuring a personalized experience for every customer. However, to ensure the quality and temperature of the flights, a maximum of four can be booked at a time. 

The Font offers the Learners Permit flight a selection of unflavored, espresso-based drinks. This experience is highly recommended for coffee enthusiasts exploring different flavours and learning the difference between espresso-based drinks.

The Font Coffee Bar's mission extends beyond serving great coffee; it's about creating a space where everyone can find their community, share successes, and support one another through challenges. 

If you’re looking for a place where coffee meets community, stop by the Font today at 160 Highway 20 WEST in Fonthill.