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Install a steel roof now to avoid the spring rush

Hy-Grade Steel Roofing provides a lifetime of protection

Living in the Great White North has its perks, but dealing with the unpredictable weather that happens across the country each winter is part of the deal. Installing a new roofing system is usually far from the minds of most residential property owners during the cold weather. Perceptually, roof installations are a warm-weather activity.

The fact is, increasingly severe weather extremes can often wreak havoc on asphalt shingle roofs, leaving homes vulnerable to damage from ice, snow, and cold winter rains.


For homeowners looking to upgrade their roofing system, there is an option that not only offers long-term protection but also the flexibility of installation during the winter.

“Installing a new steel roofing system is definitely something that can be done in the winter,” said Matt Snider, Project Manager with Hy-Grade Steel Roofing.

“As opposed to an asphalt roof where they typically would be tearing off the old shingles, we can install a steel system over the existing shingles in most cases. That allows us the ability to work throughout inclement weather, because we don’t have the concern of potential damage while there’s no shingles on the roof.”


While asphalt shingles remain a popular option, most have a limited prorated warranty. Steel roofing systems like those manufactured and installed by Hy-Grade offer significantly longer protection. There are also insurance benefits to installing a steel roof, which in the event of a fire may keep damage from spreading to other buildings close by.

Other than the obvious durability, the most noticeable difference between asphalt shingles and a steel roof has traditionally been price: steel roofing systems do tend to cost more as a one time purchase, however it is a great investment when you think about the future of your home.

Hy-Grade offers off season discounts on a steel roofing system that winds up costing less in the long run.


“A steel roof is a long-term investment in your home, but the price of installing and replacing multiple asphalt systems during the lifespan of a steel roof makes it a better investment,” said Snider.

“If you’re looking at quality asphalt materials from a reputable roofing company that cost has definitely climbed closer to the cost of a steel roof. However, the quality is not going to match that of a steel roof. We offer a permanent solution that will last over 50 years. You’re not going to be replacing it like you would every 15, 20, or 25 years with asphalt shingles.”

The increasing volatility of hot summer and cold winter weather exposes roofing systems to greater extremes than ever before. According to Snider, the Hy-Grade steel roofing system offers homeowners an increased level of peace-of-mind and protection not found with asphalt systems.


“Once our roof is on and is installed up to our standards, there are less concerns with a steel roof,” said Snider. “Our team is fully trained to complete installation to the proper specifications we’re looking for. When we get some of these real high wind storms we get constant calls from people who have had shingles blow off. When you have a steel system like ours, which has an engineered design behind it, created to endure our Ontario weather, there’s nothing to worry about even in the worst weather”.

Hy-Grade roofing teams are available through the winter months to install steel systems and current discounts make winter installation an even greater value.

For more information or to receive a quote, call 855-494-7233. Or visit Hy-Grade Steel Roofing online at