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Toronto Chocolate Festival hosts 'The Chocolate Ball' with a 'Taste of Bridgerton'

A night of wine, decadent delights and regency elegance awaits at the historic Court House, celebrating the enchanting union of culinary and cinematic artistry, all in the spirit of charity.

The Toronto Chocolate Festival has chosen Niagara-on-the-Lake for its 2023 signature event, "The Chocolate Ball." Promises to be an affair fit for royalty, said Toronto Chocolate Festival producer Joey Cee. 

On Nov. 4, 2023, at the historic Court House in Niagara-on-the-Lake, chocolate enthusiasts will gather for a night of decadence set to the theme of "Taste of Bridgerton.”

Following a hiatus of four years, this long-anticipated event arrives with a flourish, mirroring the elegance and splendour of the Regency/Victorian period. Attendees will be welcomed by the rich aroma of chocolate, filling the corridors of the Old Courthouse, a testament to the town's storied past.

While the venue offers a nod to history, the 15-foot "mega chocuterie" and the savoury and sweet "chocolate stations" will undoubtedly steal the show. 

Hosted by the Toronto Chocolate Festival, which has a rich 18-year history, attendees can expect nothing less than an exemplary showcase of chocolates, desserts and chocolate-infused delights from chocolatiers like Rocky Mountain Chocolate, The Nutty Chocolatier Co., Oh So Sweet, Cee Cee Bons and Waterbridge Confectionery, to name a few, said Cee.

A tribute to the Regency era


The "Taste of Bridgerton" theme draws inspiration from Netflix's hit series "Bridgerton" and aims to transport guests to the romantic Regency period.

The Court House's mid-1800s architecture will be adorned with period-appropriate décor, and costumed staff will ensure a regal reception. Attendees are encouraged to don their finest period costumes, adding to the authenticity of the evening.

Entertainment worthy of royalty

The entertainment lineup promises a mix of tradition and modernity, featuring performances by the Chocolate Ball Ensemble, the Chocolate Ball Dancers, and other talents. As the evening progresses, guests can look forward to dancing away to tunes curated by the event's MashUp DeeJay. 

“We decided to play this up,” Cee said. “So our Queen Chocolata is played by Juno Award Winner Liberty Silver. The Duke of Dalite will be played by Sean Jones, a well-known singer and recording artist, and well-known recording and media personalities Patti Jannetta, Rudy Blair, and Tania Kolar make up the queen’s royal court.”

But that’s not all. The Grace Notes Quartet will be performing music in true Bridgerton style, and Deejay Lee will be playing Bridgerton music mashup for dancing.


Charitable endeavours

The Toronto Chocolate Festival has consistently championed charitable causes; this year is no exception. Net proceeds from the event will support initiatives for Prostate and Breast Cancer and Heart, Mind, and Soul Initiatives.

The event has previously supported over 20 charities, emphasizing its commitment to social responsibility.

Ticket information

Due to the limited space at the Court House, Cee said tickets are expected to be in high demand. Attendees can look forward to complimentary wine courtesy of Good Earth Food and Wine Co., a buffet-style chocolateria, and numerous other perks. Those arriving in period costumes will receive a wearable gift. All will receive a "chance card" for claiming swag and might even have a chance to meet the esteemed Queen Chocolata and her Royal Court.

As the Toronto Chocolate Festival makes its grand return, it brings an unparalleled experience that marries the charm of yesteryears with the allure of wine and chocolate. Be it for the love of history, chocolate or charity, the "Taste of Bridgerton" promises an unforgettable night.

Turn your attention to a night at The Chocolate Ball. Purchase your ticket online through Eventbrite and receive a special 20 per cent discount using the code “FLASH.”