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Pelham Business Announcements

New location? New hire? Does your business have some news it wants to share? Post it here for the community to see! Contact us to post officially as your business or organization.


Join us at Rotary!

The Rotary has regular morning meetings, usually held on Wednesdays from 7:30am to 8:30am at the Meridian Community Centre in the Kinsmen Room. Stay current with our events and guest speakers at

Bring it home brother

My name is Zac Soos and I am the more put together, quiet and more handsome version of Steven Soos who is my older biological brother. Unlike many in the area- I do not support the NDP at all and am

Steven Roman Soos Launches Soos Dynasty Political Consulting

Soos offers to be problem solver/pit-bull for hire for politicians. Problem with Trudeau? Unhappy with Ford? Integrity commissioner complaints got you down? Soos Dynasty Political Consulting can
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The Ultimate Hub Program

Connecting to the amazing Village Media Network has never been easier. For a limited time, you can purchase our Ultimate Hub Program for just $200/month!