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Letters to the Editor

COMMON DECENCY | During this World Cup, recalling an earlier legend

W hen Toronto lawyer and former NDP provincial candidate Julian Heller told me that his grandfather had scored the most goals in a single soccer game for Germany in that country’s history, I assumed it couldn’t be true. I was wrong.

Letters & Op-Ed, December 7 2022

They paved Paradise and put up a mega-mansion The Ford Government’s rushed and rammed-through Bill 23 is predicted by housing experts to do next to nothing for alleviating Ontario’s housing affordability crisis, but it will make a lot of Mr.

Letters & Op-Ed, November 30 2022

Backyard chickens a slippery slope to Green Acres I am baffled by the controversy over fowl in backyards. There is a bylaw that opposes this.

Letters & Op-Ed, November 23 2022

Developers are running the show The developers are laughing at us. We think we have some control over the way our environment is used, but in fact they have it all.
PEOPLE AND POLITICS | Welcome to Town Hall, Part 2: The Not-So-Good News

PEOPLE AND POLITICS | Welcome to Town Hall, Part 2: The Not-So-Good News

L ast week I discussed some of the great things that a council can do to make a town a better place to live. However, there also needs to be a sense of realism about what a council cannot do.

COMMON DECENCY | Bearing bereavement

T he Covid-19 pandemic has led to people considering mortality in a way they’ve seldom done before, which makes the timing of Richard Coles’ recent book, The Madness of Grief: A Memoir of Love and Loss , extraordinarily appropriate.

Letters & Op-Ed, November 16 2022

Call Short Hills deer hunt what it is Using the term “harvest” is just linguistic trickery. It’s just another level of duplicity used to get the public on board with having arrows fly through the park.

Letters & Op-Ed, November 9 2022

Lest We Forget Do you know where this quote comes from? I am first-generation Canadian. I have heard about war since I was a little girl. My parents were from northern Italy and were children during WWI. My mother, Elvira, lived on a farm.

Letters & Op-Ed, November 2 2022

Disappointed with turnout As a relatively new resident to the Pelham area, can I state how very disappointed I am with the woefully low turnout at the recent municipal election.

As the dust settles, candidates on their campaigns

Mayor Marvin Junkin I would like to thank the residents of Pelham for allowing me the privilege of being your mayor for another term.