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Letters to the Editor

Letters & Op-Ed, January 12 2022

Longtime pump mystery finally solved I would like to thank Bill Eluchok and Brenda Sauer for the fine article that describes the pump on the the East side of Building “A” at 190 Highway 20 West! [A time capsule on tap, Column Six, Dec. 22, p.1.

Beamer to Wink: The year past, and the year ahead

EDITOR'S NOTE Earlier this month, the Voice invited a selection of elected officials, community members and our own writers to contribute their thoughts about yet another unparalleled year coming to a close.

Letters & Op-Ed, December 22 2021

A special thank you to Mark As you know, Saturday a week ago was very windy. My husband went out to pick the newspaper up at the end of the driveway and was blown over by the wind. I ran out in my stocking feet to get him up.
POLL RESULTS | How satisfied are you with politicians? Not very

POLL RESULTS | How satisfied are you with politicians? Not very

Satisfaction with governance: Local, Regional, Provincial, Federal Last week we asked readers to tell us how satisfied they were with the performance of each level of government this year, from federal down to municipal.

VOICE POLL | Tell us how the politicians are doing

A s we come to the end of a second pandemic year, with a new Covid variant spreading rapidly, inflation at a near-20-year high, the real estate market showing no signs of cooling, and Pelham's municipal finances on stronger but still precarious footi

Letters & Op-Ed, December 15 2021

Roar of thanks for bottle donations, invitation for more The Fonthill Lions Club wishes to express our appreciation to all Pelham residents for your contributions to our ongoing Bottle Drives.

Letters & Op-Ed, December 8 2021

Fabulous food thanks The Fabulous Fenwick Lions Club would like to thank the residents of Fenwick and surrounding area for supporting the Pelham Food Drive by dropping off food and cash donations at our pop-up location at Centennial Park this last No

Letters & Op-Ed, December 1 2021

Retail marketer now marketing retail politics? I was disappointed to read the letter from Rick Woodward in support of Pelham’s ex-(tempting to add “disgraced”) mayor, David Augustyn [“Former mayor running for Ontario NDP,” Letters, Nov. 24, p.6].

Letters & Op-Ed, November 24 2021

Former mayor running for Ontario NDP I occasionally hear Fonthill old timers, of which I am now one, lament about the growth of the town over the last decade and how they miss the “good old days.

Letters & Op-Ed, November 17 2021

Attempted electric sale ill-advised I was dismayed to read in the Voice that Pelham paid $67,000 in consulting fees in a failed attempt to sell its shares in Peninsula West Power Inc. [No buyer for Pelham electric shares, Nov. 10, p.3].